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Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Breed Info
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever
The Chesapeake is fortunate, at this point, in that it has not
been split between show and field, as this has happened with
the more popular retriever breeds. To some extent this is
probably due to its being one of the more rare sporting breeds,
with Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers far surpassing
the Chesapeake, in litters registered annually with the CKC/AKC.
Characteristics & Temperment:
The "Chessies" personality differs from that of any other retriever. They are 'NOT LIKE' a lab  or a
golden in any way. They are very much their own breed with their own unique characteristics. They  
are a talented and driven dog, intensely loyal with a strong protective streak.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is first and foremost a superb hunting dog and well known for their
love of water.  They are credited with excellent noses, accurate marking abilities and perseverance in
finding fallen game, in particular going after crippled birds first, then the dead ones.

point of possessive, of their family.  They especially love "their" children and there are many stories of
chessies saving children from drowning.  When you are fortunate to share life with a chessie you
become his. Chessie loyalty cannot be explained accurately, until you have been privileged to be part
of one's life.  Then you understand completely the depth of their love and loyalty to family.  Once you
have shared life with one, you will always want one of these incredible dogs in your life.  

In public, the chessie is generally reserved and confident with deference to his owner, while politely
ignoring outsiders.  The Chesapeake demands respect and gives it back accordingly, making them a
bit frustrating to train (at times), for some people who consider them to be "just another dog".
COAT:   The Chesapeake coat should be harsh and crisp, with a definite undercoat. A correct coat will
be only mildly damp after the dog shakes, when coming out of the water.  They require very little
grooming in order to maintain their coat. Brushing weekly, using a soft or rubber brush is about all they
need. This helps to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout. Also, a pin (slicker) brush, when they
are shedding, helps to remove any dead hair.

Chesapeakes have a natural oil to their coat, which helps to protect them, when swimming, from the
cold water.  Although there can be a slight smell to them, it is not strong or offensive.   If the chessie
swims throughout the summer, there is no need for a bath. However, if they are  in the house through
the winter, one bath may be needed. Do not overbath as their natural oils will be washed away and
hair will become dry, also skin problems may start.
TRAINING: They train most easily with a steady, firm, consistent voice and do best if  welcomed into
and made part of the family. One thing to keep in mind while training, is that Chesapeakes are very
intelligent thinkers and sometimes become quite bored with pointless (to them) repetition.  Thus their
"talent" for sometimes doing things their own way.  Anyone training a chessie must work with this or
ultimately become frustrated. Because they are  thinkers, not just do "ers", abuse of any sort will only
make them lose respect for you. Once that is lost, you could find yourself with a handful or two!!
You can order a Lab;
You can ask a Golden, However
You MUST negotiate with a Chesapeake
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